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Interpretando o .xml

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Apesar do arquivo .xml ser auto-explicativo, nossa intenção é tentar facilitar ainda mais o entendimento das estruturas apresentadas. Deixando, o mais claro possível, como funciona/impacta in game.

name = "Aki" // Precisa explicar?! hahahahaha.... aqui será definido o nome da criatura, no caso a NPC Aki









<creature name="Aki" level="2" merchant="1" clan="3" class="1" experience="0" gold="0" >
	<health now="50" max="50" regen="0" />
	<status str="5" dex="0" int="100" con="0" />
	<special special1="255" special2="7" special3="255" special4="7" />
	<strategy damage="5000" magic="0" critical="255" attack_speed="0" move_speed="1" defense="3000"/>
		<corpse id="59" brightness="0" />
		<helmet id="120" brightness="0" />
		<armor id="121" brightness="0" />
		<pants id="122" brightness="0" />
		<glove id="123" brightness="0" />
		<boots id="124" brightness="0" />
		<item pos="0" id="685">
			<effect id="61" value="100"/>
			<effect id="179" value="2"/>
		<item pos="1" id="691">
			<effect id="61" value="100"/>
		<item pos="3" id="410">
			<effect id="155" value="1"/>
		<item pos="4" id="411">
			<effect id="61" value="10"/>
			<effect id="188" value="2"/>
		<item pos="28" id="4111">
			<effect id="61" value="0"/>
		<item pos="29" id="4112">
			<effect id="61" value="0"/>
		<item pos="30" id="4113">
			<effect id="61" value="0"/>
		<item pos="32" id="1728">
			<effect id="61" value="10"/>


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